September 16, 2016

Fit Pro Spotlight: Jacklyn Ochoa Mendez

Meet Jackie


  A Texas native, Jackie went to college and lived in the northeast for 9 years before making her way back to Houston.  Mandee and I were lucky enough to meet her this past February at the Texas Yoga Conference. Jackie is awesome, the kind of person who is so easy and fun to talk to, she has a truly genuine smile and a great heart. Like many Fit Pros we know, Jackie began her career in fitness after making a conscience decision to get back into shape. “In 2010, I moved to Houston with my then fiancé and began to practice yoga and Pilates because I was officially in the worst shape of my life.” Eventually, the owner of the studio she was attending encouraged her to get certified in Piloxing. As she started teaching and getting healthier, she decided she wanted to pursue work in the fitness industry. It did, however, take a little while before she decided to make training her full-time career. 

  Jackie is now both a Pilates mat, Piloxing instructor and a certified personal trainer. She is certified with NCSF, AFAA/NASM and Piloxing.  As a personal trainer, she focuses on improvement of functional movement, weight loss and overall weight management, high intensity interval training and strength training. She is able to help her clients achieve these goals because of her strong, balanced personal fitness philosophy:  

  “Fitness and health is a journey that is filled with ebbs and flows. Some days are easier than others and it is important to listen to your body. When you feel good and want to work out hard you should, but if you are struggling, take it easy on yourself and modify your workout. I believe that a mind body connection - knowing your body and being able to focus on each part that you are working on - is one of the most important parts of any fitness/health plan. You should also have goals, but awareness that those goals can and should change is a positive thing.”   

  Her clients love the connection they have with Jackie and she is mindful to have a trusting relationship with them. Having this type of relationship helps Jackie create customized training programs for each of her clients. "I like to form a connection with my clients... so they can trust me to make modifications to their workouts, based on what they are looking like that day. Some days I will have a tough program set up for a client and they will come in tired or moody, so modifications need to be made.  The opposite can happen as well. I understand that one size does not fit all.” Regardless of the type of workout a client has that day though, she always highlights their strengths and helps them improve what they have identified as places that can be worked on.  

  As far as group classes, Jackie loves the fun comradery amongst the students during class.  She told us, “they push each other to go further and test their physical boundaries. I like to see them look at each other with that, ‘This is hard. I feel your pain!’ look when I'm challenging them. It's important for people to have support when they are working out and group classes offer that.”

  What does Jackie love most about training in general? “The intimacy that trainers and clients have with each other is special. I get to see people at their most vulnerable times and I think that forms a bond. I also get to see people work the hardest that they ever have and accomplish things that they never imagined possible. Being able to go along with someone on his/her journey is the best part of what I do.” Jackie feels feel lucky to have a career that she genuinely loves. It keeps her feeling grounded and humble to constantly be challenged and learning.

  We hope you’ll contact Jackie and start training with her today! Guess what?? She’s also a FitProNow subscriber which makes booking with her a cinch! “FitProNow has helped me stay organized, which is so important for me because it is not my strong suit. Having everything in one place and my clients having access to my schedule is very helpful. It keeps things flowing smoothly,” she says. You can reach Jackie via email at or on Instagram at @thattrainergirl.


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