October 18, 2016

Fit Pro Spotlight: Victoria Lyttle

Meet Vix


Born in South London, Vix’s story began about 10 years ago when she trained as a Thai Boxer with the notorious South London camp, the Scorpions. After five years training she regrettably stopped all sports due to the long hours her job in the financial industry required. Unhappy with her physique, she decided to make a positive change: she hired a personal trainer. Soon, not only had lost many undesirable pounds, she improved her stability, coordination and strength. Then, her A-HA moment came: she decided to change careers and begin helping others on their personal fitness journeys. Knowing first-hand the commitment and dedication it takes, she knew she could truly help others.

Vix moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and opened her private fitness studio in Venice/Marina Del Ray that year. As a NASM certified trainer, she helps clients with many varied goals from ranging from weight loss to maximizing strength. Her approach to training includes helping clients improve their core balance so that they can eventually progress to strength or explosive workouts. Nutrition awareness is also a focus in her coaching and she follows a “simple philosophy: it is a matter of basic math…calories-in to calories-out ratio.”

What does Vix love most about one-on-one training? “I love the connection I have with my clients. The trust they put in me with, sometimes, emotionally-charged goals and/or barriers. I love seeing a client improve and develop. With my beginner clients, I feel proud when they lose the weight and their progression with coordination and movements. I get excited when I’m helping an advanced client perfect an exercise and the technique clicks into place.” One of the many reasons Vix is unique as a FitPro is because she has walked in her clients’ shoes. She has lost the weight (25 lbs!!!), learned how to move her muscles the way they are meant to move and she understands how hard it is to bulk up and build muscle mass after the weight loss.

We were instantly drawn to Vix’s positive personality when we met her and we love following her on Instagram for motivation and kick-butt fitness demos (follow her at vit.pt!). Guess what else? Vix is also a self-published author under the pen name Victoria Browne.

So…what are you waiting for?? Head over to VixPt.com and contact her to start training in her beautiful private gym today!! Booking with her is a cinch too since she’s also a FitProNow subscriber: “My clients find the app easy to use and convenient. Happy clients, happy accomplishments!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves ;) Happy Training Vix!